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Everything About Baseline Study and Corporate Social Responsibility

So recently we had a baseline survey for CSR activity in Jamnagar and Devbhumi Dwarka districts in Gujarat. (will talk about this later in the blog)

A baseline survey or study is a technique applied by corporations to choose an NGO to sponsor or finance as a bit of their CSR actions.

Let us first know,

What is CSR?

CSR i.e Corporate social responsibility is a term related to representing a company’s endeavours to educate the community in any way. Those endeavours can vary from providing funds to nonprofits to completing environmental beneficial strategies in the workplace.

Who does CSR clash with?

CSR clashes businesses, nonprofits, and workers alike. Corporate social responsibility is not a compulsory practice in the US; rather, it is something more that businesses do to develop their regional and global alliances. This indicates that the general citizens can be affected by CSR as well when they receive the profits of businesses’ good efforts.

What is the goal of corporate social responsibility?

The goal of CSR is to return to society, become part of charitable events, and produce real civil value. Companies are frequently shifting to CSR to create diversity and develop a positive brand throughout their business.

How can CSR activities support nonprofits?

People make up approximately three-fourths of an organization’s entire financial contributions. CSR actions can benefit nonprofits to make up that remaining 25% after they’ve watched to specific donors. CSR also supports corporations to volunteer in the societies where workers exist and work.

Baseline Survey – Everything about It

A baseline survey, in the most simplistic manner, is the study of a present state to assist in recognising the opening point of each plan. The idea is to develop a database to evaluate and observe the development and effectiveness of a project if it has previously been concluded. The information gathered also supports deciding whether beginning a plan is worthwhile in the initial place.

With this approach, Baseline survey and data collection tool and implements of the most leading standard are composed for the gathering of data to execute cross-site connections.

A baseline study benefits in deciding NGOs that practice a proposed method in their developmental actions, and concentrate on the overall welfare and preferences of the unprivileged clubs in the community, environmental interests, and animal well-being.

Usually, an external group is appointed to take out the baseline survey activity. Though sometimes, an in-house project administration team can likewise take out the questionnaire. 

Objectives and geographic reach

A well authorised NGO may stand strong on governance and means but may not have a proper project that has represented the CSR strategies of the business. Therefore the prime and most crucial is to know the vision and goals of the NGO and make sure that it is in order with the CSR aims of the business. Secondly, society relates. A national-level NGO may be rich with title and fame but may not be capable to work well at your desired position compared to a regional NGO in the zone.


One of the most significant circumstances that businesses should glance at is the result of an NGO’s plans. Comparing the recipient’s number while preferring implementation associates is not worthwhile because of different interpretations of impact over the area, as well as the metrics related to determining impact. Though, an eye into the prior actions with thought may present a view of the same.


The difficulty of reporting is complicated by the absence of sufficient guidance for NGOs to publish data to society, ending in irregular recording and ad hoc recording methods. This displays a severe obstacle to businesses that need data about the NGO and their struggle for their compliance.
Baseline Surveys – How Do They Benefit?

Various businesses have a CSR board that accurately manages all their CSR actions. This involves choosing an outside company to take out the baseline survey, assessing their statement, and then executing a selection while obeying the company’s goals in mind. Without a decent baseline study, it becomes challenging to observe and assess the performance of different NGOs to choose one.

Many NGOs work on particular fields like kids and women progress, drinking water and hygiene, education, animal well-being, environmental degeneration, conventional disaster control, and agricultural expansion. The decision depends on the purposes and goals of the concerned corporate and a baseline study benefits in producing the selection method easier.

A baseline study also supports assessing the future execution of NGOs by fixing practical pointers for reaching their ultimate aims and objectives.

An NGO might approach a corporation with a special plan in intention for which it needs funding. The corporate can later opt for a baseline study to examine and assess their business and get an ultimate call on the sponsoring. 

A baseline questionnaire, if practised efficiently, can be of excellent remedy to corporates who are watching to support an NGO to extend their CSR horizons.

Concluding it with our experience
Similarly, We had Baseline research for CSR activity in Jamnagar and Devbhumi Dwarka districts in Gujarat State.

The study has extended its reach and was operational in l-s villages, Being next to the coastline, the major obstacle noted was seawater ingression which in turn influences the primary livelihood which is agriculture.

Accompanying the problem of agricultural productivity, other issues include depleting soil fertility, an insufficient supply of clean water and irrigation water, insufficient food for livestock, shortage of secondary livelihoods, poor access to health and hygiene facilities, particularly for women, low literacy rates etc.

All those issues have affected the standard of living of the rural populations.

For any Baseline survey help you can always connect us – The Aim Research Team!

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